Online Inspiration

My slowly evolving list of websites that I have found inspirational or informative.


Institutions, Movements, Resources

  • Center for Action and Contemplation: Home of the Rohr Institute
    Center for Action and ContemplationFounded by the Franciscan friar Richard Rohr, this site offers many resources for spiritual development, incl. books, CDs, DVDs and MP3s by Rohr. It also allows you to subscribe to his daily meditations, which are delivered by email.
  • Communities of the Mystic Christ
    > details coming soon
  • Contemplative Journal
    > details coming soon
  • Contemplative Outreach: Silence, Solitude, Solidarity, Service
    Contemplative OutreachContemplative Outreach, founded among others by Thomas Keating, is an international and interdenominational network. It is, to quote from their vision statement, ‘a community of individuals and Centering Prayer groups committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel in everyday life’.
  • Centering Prayer
    This is a separate website, also maintained by Contemplative Outreach, devoted specifically to centering prayer and lectio divina.
  • EarthAbbey
    EarthAbbeyInspired by Jesus’ life and mission, ‘EarthAbbey is a movement of people helping one another to live more in tune with the earth’. Its vision encompasses rich human relationships, compassion towards the earth and all creatures, a focus on the interconnectedness of all life, just relationships, the nurture of the inner life ….
    The EarthAbbey website is beautifully designed (and well worth a visit for that reason alone) and creatively divided into: Library, Scriptorium (with an invitation to readers to contribute their own creative pieces, prose or poetry, thoughtful or visionary, photo, video and audio), Buildings (with ideas for a more environmentally-friendly home), Kitchen Garden (which is about sustainable consuming), Chapel (focused on green spirituality and prayer) and Cloister (the members only area).
    There is a strong focus on the participation of readers throughout.
  • Finding Sanctuary: Monastic Steps for Everyday Life
    This is the companion website to the book of the same title by Abbot Christopher Jamison. Its aim is to help people find sanctuary in their everyday life. The site offers a few valuable links and resources, but it is of somewhat limited use without the book.

Religious Communities

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