Chocolate. I thought this deserved an extra post …

… just to draw attention to this chocolate salami, already much reduced in size,

Chocolate salami

… and this hot chocolate, a proper one, so thick that the spoon almost got stuck.

Hot chocolate

On one occasion, in a place whose name I have forgotten, our poor Italian earned us a special treat. Having found and pointed at a chocolate cake we fancied, we were not a little surprised when that was exactly what we got, not just a piece, as we had assumed, but the whole cake, neatly cut up into seven or eight pieces. As there’s only four of us, one of whom didn’t want any, that was a lot of chocolate cake to get through. But we didn’t leave a crumb behind …


Libreria Acqua Alta, Venezia

What can I say? A chaotic, a bizarre, a magical place. Worth seeing for the fire exit alone, or even just the fire exit sign, or the gondola full of books, or the chaos, or the general atmosphere of the place, or the owner, or the staircase made of books …

Did I buy any books? No, I didn’t. Did I find any books that I was tempted to buy? Yes, one or two perhaps. But this place was worth a visit just for the sake of having seen it.